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Egyptians Document Coup of President on Instagram

See more photos and videos by visiting the Tahrir Square and Presidential Palace (قصر الأتحاديه) location pages or by browsing the #egypt, #cairo and #tahrirsquare hashtags.

Late Wednesday, Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi, the nation’s first freely elected president, was ousted in a coup by the military following several days of protests across the country.

Crowds first began to gather en masse on June 30, sharing photos and videos from the demonstration through the #June30 hashtag.

With crowds continuing to grow and the president responding defiantly to the issued 48-hour ultimatum, the military began seizing control of the government.

The crowds that had gathered in Tahrir responded to the news with cheers and fireworks, many documenting the event through Instagram. See more photos and videos by visiting the Tahrir Square location page.

May Allah save us!

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